Aipxperts is recognized as Global IT company.
We provide talents to enterprises, government, mid-size, and startups.

Who We Are

Aipxperts is an IT company founded in 2012, that takes pride in 200+ successful projects that improve our client’s business practice and level of services. We have over 100+ clients across India, the United States of America and Malaysia, and many more.

Aipxperts Technolabs is one of the most trusted names in the IT space delivering technology innovation across 20 countries. Our digital transformation strategies, problem-solving benchmarks, and agile business models enable our clients to digitize, scale, and transform into high-performance businesses.

We are dedicated to business success through long-term relationships with our clients and staff. Our expertise is in providing market-oriented, web, and mobile app solutions, and consulting services.

We work with a highly qualified team that has the expertise to cater to clients’ different needs with the best suitable solutions. Our offices in Florida and India work together to ensure all our clients get the most professional and cost-effective experience.

  • The future depends on what you do today.
    - By Mahatma Gandhi

We believe in each concept that our client bring to us. Give best of our knowledge and turn into digital platform which can bring revolution into the market.

Our Mission

Handover contemporary and futuristic web and mobile software solutions to the
businesses ranging from startups to enterprises with affordability and satisfaction.

Our Vision

We envision providing top quality consulting, developing, maintaining, IT enabling and managing services for the knowledge centric systems of our customers.

Core Values

We believe the most valuable wealth we have is our employees, customers, creativity, commitment towards deadline.

Our Statistics

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Why People Believe In Aipxperts ?

Client Satisfaction

We know that right web solutions will deliver results for your business. We can help with design and development.

Result-oriented Approach

We know that right web solutions will deliver results for your business. We can help with design and development.

Delivery By Professional

We know that right web solutions will deliver results for your business. We can help with design and development.

Meet The Leaders

Our team of experts specializes in building and hosting in the cloud which enables you to connect with your customers globally. We achieve all of these through the combination of advanced technologies, robust analytics, and deep process experience. Our designs are impeccable, and we carry our clients along the entire process, from development to deployment.

Kaushal Kachiya

Vice President

I always admired analytical minds and started my journey as Programmer analyst followed by Technical account manager. I gradually explore team management and execution along with technical solution finding for clients.

Joined Aipxperts in 2017 with aim to be a part of overall growth of the company and mainly contributing in the core execution of the company. I have been assisting the directors to shape overall mission, value and strategic goals for the company. Defining process, leading and guiding dynamic team is kept me captive.

Contributing to strategic business development, managing daily operations, identify ways to increase revenue and decrease costs, analyzing financial reports, preparing operating budgets, maintaining awareness of competitors, expansion opportunities, customers, markets, and new industry developments and standards are my key responsibilities.

Ritesh Shah

Chief Technical Officer - Director

I started my journey as a web developer and gradually to iOS developer with polishing my technical skills. Professional experience in Project management and dealing with enterprize clients and explored the technical industry at core.

Joined Aipxperts as a co-founder in 2013 for providing unique solutions to the requirements in terms of Mobile apps and website with latest hot technologies. It was never easy to drive the company, faced many challenges but working for youself is always satisfactory moments.

I have been initiating and building partnerships with high growth companies in the IT solutions & services space for 10 years. I partner with key stakeholders on both the company and the client side to drive alignment, growth strategies, solution development, pipeline acceleration and account penetration with solution integrators, master agents, distributors and Tech partners.

Hardik Shah

Chief Executive Officer - Director

Being always a technophile, I fetched my degree in Information and Technology. After gaining experience from various career related jobs, I have artfully balanced workplace objectives and productive relationships, inspiring strategies and insightful suggestions to achieve a competitive business edge.

Entrepreneurial at heart, came up with my own start-up Aipxperts in 2010. As a person who thrives in high-pressure and fast-paced situations, I strive for positive results through the application of my abilities in business planning and lead generation. My decision-making and customer service strengths have enabled my professional growth.

Additionally I believe clients are the heart of business. I possess expertise in maintaining client relationships by always thriving to provide contentment to them. I consider having an aptitude for optimizing performance and motivating my team. In any position, I am able to visualize success and identify innovative and effective strategies for achieving it.

Join Our Team

If you are a person that is talented, passionate, and desirous of joining an IT company with a dynamic team full of motivated individuals, then hop on board and join our camp.

Our team is bound together with a passion to be the best in the business, a commitment to achieving professional excellence, and a dedication to helping out other teammates. The employees working in our organisation feed off each other’s success and try to take the company forward towards greater success.