We Are Aipxperts. A Growing Family Of Dreamers And Believers

We believe in every idea that the clients brings to us. We at Aipxperts give a touch of our innovation and creativity in order to make the idea into a revolutionary software product in the market.

Solutions crafted with love.

Startups, mid-to-large scale businesses and enterprises trust us to develop and enhance their products through our solutions. 

Think IT Solutions, Think Aipxperts!

Revolutionizing the IT space since 2012!

Founded with love in 2012, Aipxperts is now a family of 60 plus members. Over the period of years, we have successfully completed more than 300+ projects and have over 220+ happy clients all over the world! We believe in providing IT solutions that help the customer to scale their business to greater heights and reach new levels.

Aipxperts is one of the best IT companies in Ahmedabad when it comes to the IT space. We have successfully served our innovation to our clients in the form of digital transformation strategies, problem-solving skills, and building revolutionary applications that automate the business processes and take the business to greater heights! We have served clients across 30 countries and strive to spread the essence of Aipxperts all over the globe.

We at Aipxperts believe in creating an employee-friendly culture at the workplace. The secret to our business success is the long-term relationships with our clients as well as our employees. We strive to create an open working environment for our employees so that they can bring out the best in themselves.

We cater IT solutions to enterprises, government agencies, medium-size enterprises, and startups.

Our Mission

At Aipxperts, our core mission is to create contemporary and futuristic software solutions that have a powerful impact on the customer’s business and boost their revenue. Our goal is to make the client feel comfortable with the process and team.

Our Vision

Our only vision and purpose is to deliver successful web and mobile applications that drives the market and the welfare and growth of our employees.

Core values are fundamental to the working spirit of Aipxperts



We strive to build trust with our clients through trustworthy actions and moral relationships.


We believe that transparency that we maintain with our clients as an important factor in the success story of a company.
Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

We strive to provide the utmost Quality assurance to our clients with the high performance applications.


Our dedicated team is committed to delivering successful applications with the utmost client satisfaction.

Meet The Leaders

Our team of experts specializes in building and hosting bespoke and secure web and mobile applications that enable you to connect with your customers globally. We achieve all of these through the combination of advanced technologies, robust analytics, and deep process experience. Our designs are impeccable, and we carry our clients along the entire process from development to deployment.

Hardik Shah

Hardik Shah

CEO & Director

I've always had a soft spot for gadgets, so it only made sense that I pursue a degree in IT. Through my employment in a variety of fields linked to my field of study, I have learned to strike a fine balance between the needs of the workplace and those of the people there.

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so in 2012 I launched my own company, Aipxperts. Business planning and lead creation are two areas in which I excel, and I use these skills to achieve excellent outcomes for my employers. My ability to make decisions and provide excellent service to clients has been important to my career success.

More than that, I think customers are what really drive businesses. In order to keep my clients happy, I have developed competence in sustaining client relationships. I like to think that I have a knack for getting the most out of people and inspiring them to do their best. In any role, I can imagine what it would take to succeed, and then devise fresh, efficient ways to do it.

Ritesh sir

Ritesh Shah

CTO & Director

I started my journey as a web developer and gradually to iOS developer with polishing my technical skills. Professional experience in Project management and dealing with enterprize clients and explored the technical industry at core.

Joined Aipxperts as a co-founder in 2013 for providing unique solutions to the requirements in terms of Mobile apps and website with latest hot technologies. It was never easy to drive the company, faced many challenges but working for youself is always satisfactory moments.

I have been initiating and building partnerships with high growth companies in the IT solutions & services space for 10 years. I partner with key stakeholders on both the company and the client side to drive alignment, growth strategies, solution development, pipeline acceleration and account penetration with solution integrators, master agents, distributors and Tech partners.

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