Freelancing platform Webapp


Client is full time freelancer and emerged his business in SEO as freelancer and now want a platform of his own which can get the good from all freelancing platform and rectify the issues they are having. Aim with the legiit is to create user Friendly, easy to use and bug free freelancing platform for world wide digital market.Also, Admin backend that can have access to blacklist users and services, refund in case of issues and other admin side features.


We have come up with the great platform for users that had more than 2000+ users in the first month of going live and got a large sales. Paypal payout integration with wallet, refund, withdraw feature, application is fully working and there are large number of satisfied customer legiit has. We are still working on change requests and enhancements. Admin has also access to panel where he can see the statistics of number of sales and earnings, User list, order list, option to suspend user or service and many more features.


  • Laravel
  • Paypal
  • RestAPI