Malaysia based company aiming to develop food order / delivery application considering the future expansion in other segments unknown at that moment. They approached AIPXPERTS Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. with an idea of making a basic mobile application with react native for customer and vendor with around 2 months of timeline in mind.

It was a great success in the market that gradually applications end up having below modules and stand alone applications. 

1. Food order
2. Food delivery
3. Bus booking services
4. Food pickup module
5. Rider application for food delivery executives 


During the initial brainstorming session of the requirement gathering phase, We were very clear on what will be the critical aspects of these projects. We identify below criteria will be crucial for the success of this project.

1. Dynamic growing nature of the application and project.
2. Solution that is user friend and performance optimize for larger user base.
3. Solution must be secure, performance centric and bug free.
4. Base should be very solid to incorporate expansion of business.
5. Precise algorithms to support a variety of calculations like promotions, discount, commissions, delivery executive payment and more.
6. Robust solution to support third party service integrations.


  • React Native
  • Angular
  • Node.js