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What is Web 3.0? A Comprehensive Guide To The Third Generation Of Web Technology

By July 15, 2014February 16th, 2024Technical

Image of web 3.0.

Web 3.0 is the latest, improved, decentralized internet ecosystem independent of any authorities. With the evolution of the internet, Web 3.0 is the newest phase of the internet that is focused on the concept of creating a decentralized system. Powered by AI, Machine Learning, and the latest blockchain technologies; the third-generation web is here to solve all the problems of the modern internet ecosystem.

Web 3.0 is expected to change the way users interact with websites and other Internet applications. It is also estimated that semantic technological methods will also be integrated into the web.

How Will Web 3.0 Be Different From The Previous Versions? 

The first version of the web restricted users to read and consume content only. There wasn’t much flexibility offered to the users regarding functionality and operations. There was no other choice for the user than to read the content on the websites.

Due to all these factors, the next generation of the web was introduced. In the next web generation, i.e., Web 2.0, the current stage of the web is a bit more relaxed. In Web 2.0, users are allowed to read, write, send, receive, and upload content in the form of text, videos, and images. Tech giants like Twitter, Youtube, and Meta, formerly known as Facebook, have highly centralized the data present on the second-generation web. The prime focus of the third-generation web is to centralize the user’s data from these tech giants and provide the user with a great experience. 

Web 3.0 Powered By Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence

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Web 3.0 is expected to take a leap further into technology and integrate with AI and Machine Learning concepts to give the user a better internet experience. Integrated with blockchain technology, it promises to provide an exceptional user experience. With a democratized and decentralized ecosystem, the third-generation web can open new dimensions of the internet. With Web 3.0, users can also own digital assets in the form of tokens. It also enables users to gain control over their content and data. One can also log into websites without risking their privacy and leaking their identity. With the third-generation web using blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be easily exchanged.

The first generation of the web allowed users to read and consume data from the web. The second generation of the web allowed users to interact and generate content from various social media platforms and tribunals. But here’s how it distinguishes itself from the first and second-generation webs. 

1. Semantic Web Experience

The next-generation web involves semantic web practices to improve the functionality of web technologies. With the semantic web, users can search, generate, and analyze content better. It focuses more on the meaning of the words rather than the keywords targeted. 

2. Embedded With Artificial Intelligence

The third-generation web focuses on rendering better search results using artificial intelligence (AI). By combining semantic experience with artificial intelligence, Web 3.0 aims to understand information like a human to give out better search results. Such practices would be helpful to the user and enhance their internet experience.

3. 3D Graphics

In third-generation web applications and websites, three-dimensional graphics are widely used. Computer games, e-commerce websites, and museum guides are some of the popular third-generation platforms where three-dimensional graphics are used. These graphics make the user interface very interesting. 

4. Blockchain Technology 

The use of Blockchain technologies keeps the user’s data encrypted and protected. Using blockchain on the third-generation web prevents the data from being centralized by the tech giants and using it for their benefit. 

5. Connectivity

Web 3.0 comes with better connectivity of content. Using semantic web practices and artificial intelligence (AI), the third-generation web provides better connectivity and generates all available information.

6. Edge-Computing

Web 3.0 incorporates advanced edge-computing processes that process data from websites and mobile applications through edge-computing methods. Edge computing refers to a range of devices and networks near or around the user.

7. Decentralized Data

With the third-generation web, users get to maintain full ownership of their data and can securely log into different websites without the doubt of getting tracked.

Here’s How Web 3.0 Can Change Your Life!

Here’s How Web 3.0 Can Change Your Life!

Now that you understand the basics of Web 3.0 and how it will help users change their web experience, Here is a live example of how Web 3.0 will impact your daily experience. 

In Web 3.0, you can ask your automotive assistant while driving “I would like to have Indian food and watch an action movie.” The search engine assistant affixed to the car will suggest, among personalized options depending upon your location, the closest cinema where you could watch an action movie. It will also give you recommendations on places where you could have Indian food by reviewing the reviews on social media and other platforms. Then, according to your needs, it might even present a three-dimensional menu of the restaurant on the display of your car. 

Web 3.0 is no longer a dream but a mere reality. With artificial intelligence, semantic processes, and blockchain technologies, the possibilities are endless. 

Third-generation webs based on blockchain technology enable cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to be easily exchanged.

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